RubiX Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain has evolved beyond the original use case of cryptocurrencies. From finance, to IoT, to supply chains, to healthcare, the next generation of innovative use cases are proliferating around the world.

The RubiX ecosystem includes a public blockchain designed for scalability, developer tools to aid in the development of decentralized applications (dApps), and multiple off-chain implementations to reduce transaction time from minutes to microseconds. RubiX allows you to easily develop your own DApp without the need to understand the technology behind blockchain.
On Chain
Full Stack

Decentralized Cloud Storage

  • RubiX provides Decentralized cloud storage technology for personal, business and enterprise users. It brings significant improvements over the current consumer cloud storage solutions, by combining block chain technology with data redundancy and mega-sharding to solve the problems of reliability, cost and privacy for cloud storage users.
Scalable & Reliable

Supply Chain Management

  • RubiX, a Peer to Peer solution of decentralized supply chain management built on the blockchain technology enables its users to identify fraud or mistrust transactions at an early stage.
  • Cutting-edge tech creates a blockchain solution that safeguards the integrity of your data, reduces your costs, and quickly turns your inventory into actionable information. With RubiX, you can sleep at night knowing the data you need is right at hand. And that's just the beginning.

Decentralized Telecommunications

  • RubiX is a new decentralized platform for global telecommunications. Using the technologies of the 21st century, RubiX connects continents at a fraction of the cost of landlines and cellular networks.
  • Utilizing our proprietary decentralized mesh networking technology, RubiX enables secure voice calls over the internet without the need for cellular carriers or Wi-Fi hotspots. Calls are end-to-end encrypted on the blockchain, ensuring that only you and your friends are on the line.
World's First On-Chain NFT

NFT Offerings

  • Imagine a chain that can scale to meet the needs of the global market. Imagine experiencing an entirely new way to transact and to interact with your favorite blockchain projects. Imagine a world where your keys never leave your wallet, and if they do, you receive instant notification via push notification and email. Imagine a wallet that allows you to manage and trade not only ERC-20 tokens like ETH and BTC, but also NFTs created from Counterparty or Ethereum Name Service, as well as tokenized real life assets from securities to real estate. Pardon us if we sound a bit excited, as this is all possible with RubiX.


  • RubiX is a platform for decentralized finance. RubiX uses distributed ledgers to improve accessibility without compromising accuracy. RubiX is designed to be fast, transparent, and collaborative while remaining privacy preserving. This will give financial institutions the ability to create a faster process that can not be tampered with or redistributed while maintaining the privacy of the individual.