Applications of blockchain in healthcare

Blockchain technology has emerged in the last decade, it has gained a lot of interest and is being used in many sectors like-Finance, Energy, Healthcare etc.

Blockchain is currently being used to provide data integrity as well as transparency within healthcare systems.

Let’s look at the applications of blockchain in healthcare

  • Data management for Healthcare records- Blockchain creates a unique system for stored, constantly updated, health records for secure and rapid retrieval by authorized users.
  • Securing and tracing Medical supplies- Blockchain can help secure, and identify the trail of, pharmaceutical supplies, with full transparency. It can even provide monitoring of the carbon emission and labor cost involved  in the manufacture of these supplies.
  • Health Insurance claims- The blockchain technology is uniquely adapted to claim processing because of its ability to present medical events as they occurred, without the potential for changing the data at a later stage for purposes of fraud.
  • Tracking disease and outbreak - The unique capabilities of blockchain technology can help real-time disease reporting and the exploration of disease patterns that can help identify its origin and transmission parameters.

Blockchain's ability to keep a decentralized, incorruptible and transparent log of all patient data makes it a technology suitable for security applications. Additionally, while blockchain is transparent as well as private, concealing the identity of an individual with complex and secure codes that help in protecting the sensitivity of medical data. The decentralized nature of this technology also allows patients, doctors and healthcare providers to share the same information quickly and safely.

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