Physical Objects
Only platform with the ability to tie physical objects to digital ones.
Forgery Proof
Only NFT technology with embedded stegano that clearly affirms ownership.
Quality Intact
No compression mechanism ensures your assets' quality is never compromised.
Full Control
No dependency on central intermediaries. Owner has full control. Real immutability.
Use Cases

RubiX NFT use cases

RubiX offers the widest variety of NFT uses cases including digital, physical & liquid assets.

Digital Art

RubiX NFT keeps the quality of digital assets intact since our proprietary technology doesn't require compression for creating NFTs. With embedded stegano, the ownership remains foolproof and forgery is completely prevented.

Physical Art

RubiX offers the only NFT technology available at this time for tying physical assets to digital ones. With RubiX, when you buy a NFT, you own the full digital & physical asset, not just the NFT. RubiX provides real immutability.


RubiX is working with many leading sports personalities and clubs to help them launch NFTs. Sports is the most versatile and growing space for NFT and believe it or not we've only scratched the surface of what NFTs would do sports.
Non Fungible Tokens

Our aim is to make NFT more accessible for our enterprise partners and general consumers

RubiXis upending the NFT landscape with a unique irreplaceable solution that’s builton the RubiX blockchain. Insome cases, off-the-shelf toolkits may not meet all project requirements. Thisis when the custom NFT marketplace development comes into play. With thesupport our technology, you can create a non-fungible tokens marketplace withany functionality. You can implement any features you have in mind and build amore complex solution that will help you stand out from competitors and attractmore users.

Proprietary QR Code technology that eliminates the risk of duplication of NFTs across platforms.

NFTs can be launched & managed with minimal smart contract code.

Decentralized Identity (DID) token which is split non-linearly into private & public shares.

Highly-scalable and several times stronger than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Launch your NFTs in 48 hours.

If you are debating whether you should launch NFTs or not, then you are asking the wrong question. You should rather ask whether to do it today or next week.
Launch Your NFTs